About Us / What We Do


Centered on North

 Welcome to a private, sunlit boutique studio in the heart of Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, close to Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast and downtown.

We want to guide the people in our neighborhood and the professionals in our community toward an appreciation of good quality movement and support them on their journey of physical wellness. 


 “You will leave this lovely studio with your body singing!” 





At Centered

Feel the difference. Combine educated, passionate, experienced instructors with a regular committed practice and you will be thrilled with the benefits you see. Here is where you will find your deepest core connection, preform your most fluid movement and meet your optimal fitness potential.   

Private Sessions

One-on-one 55 minutes dedicated to what will deepen your practice, challenge your range and cultivate your awareness.

Duet Sessions

Where you can expand your reach, share the fun and learn with a friend.

Small Group Classes

A workout that will add length to any body as you are encouraged to work with strength and focus. Stand taller, stretch further and of course, tone those long, lean muscles.

A Multi Faceted Approach to Wellness 

  • state of the art Pilates equipment
  • innovative Bodhi suspension training
  • functional and revolutionary Core Align
  • acupuncture and cupping
  • restorative and therapeutic Thai Bodywork



“The only way to know the truth of a movement is to do it on your own body.”

Twyla Tharp