Services / Bodhi Suspension System™

Gravity defying choreography. Efficient, healthy movement.

Experience the world’s first four- point suspension system! Align the precision and elegance of Pilates movement with the deepest core and balance challenge imaginable. Two independent ropes + four suspension points add up to a totally new, integrated whole-body training. With BodhiTM you can literally hang suspended from the ceiling.

Why four-point suspension?

This is suspension training plus! Countless exercise options, dynamic balance and deep, deep flexibility. Your core muscles naturally learn to fire as you utilize your own body weight. Prepare to gain even more mobility and stability, not to mention really strong, well toned arms and legs. Feel the difference after your very first class. Pilates instructor, Khita Whyatt, after sustaining serious injuries in an automobile accident, developed the Bodhi™ Suspension System as a way to rehabilitate her own body. The result is both remarkable and inspiring, for everyone.




“I am still pushing the edge of what my body can do.”

Twyla Tharp