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A new way to think about functional fitness

 ACAM0842The smartest, most powerful innovation in functional training yet!  Redefine what it means to work from your core, standing, stretching and rotating while moving with and against resistance on sliding carts.

Created by physical therapist, Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign® is an entirely original approach to mind/body exercise. Upright posture. Fluid movement balanced with refined, confident core control. Heightened awareness paired with dynamic effort. Core Align® is the ideal system for training real world movement.

Everything from basic skills like walking and lunging to high level athletic demands. Post rehabilitation to elite athlete. We are very excited to be one of the few studios in the city offering classes and training on this revolutionary equipment.  Join us! 



If the body is trained harmoniously, good things happen.”

Jonathan Hoffman, BPT, Grad. Dip ManipTher, Creator of CoreAlign®