Centered Staff


Lynne Alberding

Co-Owner | Senior Instructor | Thai Bodywork Practitioner

“I was first introduced to Pilates when I was a classical dancer and used the method for cross conditioning. I love the benefits Pilates can offer anybody, whether you are a dancer, an athlete, rehabilitating from an injury or simply in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle"

Lynne has the ability to instruct fundamental through advanced levels, for both floor and apparatus exercises. Her strength and resistance programs for clients with osteoporosis, Pilates for amputees, and post-hip replacement have helped many. Her experience and professional guidance will maximize your physical potential and bring a harmonious mind/ body connection to your Pilates practice.

Certifications: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training program, Bodhi Suspension training, Core Align, Level I, II & III, Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, Evanston, BA, Butler University

Balanced Body Faculty

Extended Education: spinal conditions, alignment, Pilates for dancers and neurological retraining


Janine Biskind

Co-Owner | Senior Instructor | Thai Bodywork Practitioner

“I believe that movement should be a mindful experience, accessible to all.

Janine’s customized approach is a unique combination of Pilates resistance work, Yoga balances, fascial release techniques and Thai stretches. She has a particular interest in promoting women’s health.  Janine continues to refine her interest in the development of intelligent exercise and hopes to share both her love of movement and the benefits of deep, mindful core strength and a focused practice.

Certifications: The Pilates Method Alliance, BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training program, Bodhi Suspension training, Core Align, Level I, II & III, SmartSpine© Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, Evanston, Thai Abdominal Massage, BFA Cleveland Institute of Art

Extended Education:Anatomy, kinesiology, scoliosis, sacroiliac discomfort, spinal dysfunctions, osteoporosis, alignment and gait retraining, Advanced Thai Training with Pichet Boonthumme,Chiang Mai, Thailand, Thai Medical Theory


Jeremy Brown

Co-Owner | Senior Instructor

“I believe that all populations: older adults, elite athletes, parents, and weekend warriors can benefit from intelligent movement training and becoming more efficient in their activities.”

Jeremy comes from a background in teaching movement, primarily the martial arts and ballroom dancing. He became interested in Pilates in 2001 while focusing on a natural recovery from his own injuries. This interest led Jeremy to a professional focus in chronic pain syndromes.  Jeremy lectures and presents workshops on functional movement and is compiling a full body continuing education program focusing on functional anatomy and dynamic kinesiology for Pilates instructors, strength trainers, and physical therapists.

Certifications: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training program, Bodhi Suspension training, Core Align Master Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, New School for Massage, Chicago

Balanced Body Faculty

Extended Education: anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, scoliosis, spinal conditions, and shoulder, hip, and knee injuries has, sacroiliac dysfunction, and functional movement retraining


Sarah Cohen

Senior Instructor

“The most rewarding part of teaching Pilates is watching my clients start to move better by eliminating pain, strengthening weaknesses and improving overall performance.”

Sarah began her athletic career at a young age. As an athlete and overall fitness “nut”, she discovered Pilates as a way to stay injury free, build uniform strength and find balance. Sarah combines her knowledge of Exercise Science and bio mechanics to create a Pilates program that caters to each individual client, from beginner to accomplished athlete.

Certifications: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training program, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Dayton, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Personal Training

Extended Education: training in prenatal and post-natal Pilates


Lindley Dobbrow

Associate Instructor

“I aspire to help people become more connected with their bodies and move more efficiently, whether for athlete aspirations or everyday life.”

Lindley is a transplant from California who moved to Chicago this past year.  She graduated in 2015 from UC Santa Barbara and is currently a nursing student at Rush University. Lindley was introduced to Pilates in high school, and found it to be a great method of cross training, aiding both proper body alignment and stability. When she is not busy with school, Lindley likes being active, getting outside as much as possible and exploring Chicago.

Certifications: Fletcher Pilates®, Pilates Method Alliance


Yuko Kajino

Thai Bodywork Practitioner

“My bodywork practice is wholistic and benefits greatly from my meditation practice. This makes it possible for me to connect with a recipients’ body at the deepest level.” 

Yuko learned clinical approaches to working with patients who have chronic conditions while working with a chiropractor at the Advanced Wellness Center. She has studied under Pichest Boonthumme, in Thailand, who is recognized as one of the masters of Thai Bodywork. She also learned Chi Nei Tsang (Thai Abdominal work) in Chiangmai, Thailand which promotes the improvement and detoxification of organ systems.

Certifications:  Chicago School of Thai Massage


Kathrine Kitzinger 

Associate Instructor

“Through my instruction, I hope to inspire, educate and guide my clients to a new, healthy and fit way of life”.

Kathrine is a dancer, personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She has trained as a classical and competitive dancer since the age of five.  She was first introduced to Pilates through her dance major in college and found that it improved her strength in dance technique and performance. Katherine’s background in dance and fitness allows her to understand how to work with and enjoy all types of clients, from athletes and dancers to rehab patients.. 

Certifications: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training program, BA University of Iowa


Kelly Nyhan

Senior Instructor | Thai Bodywork Practitioner

“I believe movement brings freedom to one’s mind, body and spirit. My motto: Inspire the world to health and wellness one body at a time.”

Kelly started her professional career in marketing and sales industry, leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion in fitness. From a young age, she danced at her local studio, competed and coached competitive cheer and later danced for the Chicago Bulls. Now Kelly spends her days connecting with her clients. Kelly brings over 20 years of experience and her true “happy place” is teaching people the power of movement, observing the benefits they experience from Pilates – regardless of age, ability or specific goals. She strives to develop unique functional fitness programs that will enhance their physical and mental well-being. 

Certifications: NASM Personal Trainer, STOTT Pilates Trainer, MAT Jumpstart Specialist, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, AEA Aqua Instructor, Blue Lotus Thai Healing School and Yoga Instructor at Moksha Yoga

Extended Education: further study in Yoga in North and South India, Advanced Thai Training with Pichet Boonthumme, Chiang Mai, Thailand 


Kari Schwager

Acupuncture | Senior Instructor

“It is my mission to educate the client and bring awareness so that each person can be their own healthcare advocate.”

An acupuncturist and health advocate specializing in orthopedic pain and chronic illness, Kari started her career as a Massage Therapist only to realize that pain is much more complicated than massaging muscles.  It wasn’t until Kari herself started experiencing a chronic illness that she discovered the power of acupuncture and diet, appreciating the idea that chronic pain has many causes. An avid sports enthusiast and past professional bowler, Kari saw the importance of re-educating the body from her own compensation patterns and dysfunction. This understanding inspired her to train as a Pilates instructor. Today Kari combines all her tools to develop an individualized program for each person to identify and treat the root cause of pain and to establish optimal health. 

Certifications: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training program, Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, New School for Massage, Judy Delaney/ Neuromuscular Therapy, Barral Institute/Visceral and Neural Manipulation


Amy Young

Associate Instructor                                                    

 “I am passionate about movement and encourage people with a history of injury to not be deterred. Explore the many ways Pilates may inspire you!”

An occupational and certified hand therapist, Amy discovered Pilates during her own rehabilitation following an athletic injury. Pilates provided her with a positive movement experience, allowing her to build strength without aggravating previous injuries.  She was thrilled to notice additional benefits: improved body awareness and self-awareness, enhanced flexibility and better balance. Amy welcomes all ability levels and will adapt and evolve exercises to fit your individual needs.

Certifications: B.S. Kinesiology, University of Michigan, M.S. Occupational Therapy, Boston University, Pilates Artistry Comprehensive Training Program